ENGL 135 Source Summary Assignment Week 2 DeVry 


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Source Summary Prewriting

Include specific information as it pertains to your chosen source below.

Theme: (Choose: Education, Technology, Family, Health and Wellness.)

Topic: (Choose one of the Course Project topics listed under the column for each theme.)

Title: (List the title and what the title tells you about the point of view of the author.)

Intended audience: (Based on what you can tell about the publication, who do you think is the intended audience?)

Writer background: (What kind of authority does the author have to write on the topic?)

Writer’s angle: (Write one to two sentences on whether the topic presents an arguable claim. Is there more than one side?)


Source Summary Prewriting-4 Parts

Theme: Technology

Topic: Texting and Driving

Title: “A meta-analytic comparison of the effects of text…

Intended audience: I think that the intended audience would consist of policy-makers who would have the authority to regulate…

In the article A meta-analytic comparison of the effects of text messaging to substance-induced impairment on driving performance, the authors (Pascual-Ferrá, Liu and Beatty, 2012) described the findings of a meta-analysis where they compared the effects of…


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